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Russian language tutor online

Hello, I'm Marina, a professional tutor of foreign languages.
I teach English and Russian. It gives to my sudents who learn Russian a lot of advantages, because I know Russian (it's my native language) and I know how to teach it for foreigners.

My system is based on natural and essential laws of language acquisition. I help my students to develop habit to learn Russian every day. At my classes the focus is on practice (speaking and comprehension), theoretical part (grammar and reading) goes after. Russian is really different language and for foreigners it demands specific way to learn it. I can provide the solution.

I equip my students with all tutorial materials: books, programs, links. My team designs own video lessons that fulfill students' needs. Classes are held online by Skype or other messengers like Hangouts or WhatsApp. I give hometask for every day to cultivate habit to learn Russian. I keep in touch with my student almost 24/7 in case of questions of all kind.

Class is 60 minutes long. First is FREE. Next - 14$. At the first trial class we'll figure out all details and will choose convenient time and days for our classes. It's recommended to have 2 classes a week, but one per week is also OK.

Here are some of my photos ⇒

To sign up for the first free trial lesson just click the button "Sign up for the 1st class", fill in all the fields (it will take you 1 minute) and I will contact you shortly. See you at the first class!

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